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 Digital Music Report 2008 | ebooks

  Digital Music Report 2008

Rapport sur la vente de musique en ligne en 2008, rédigé par l'IFPI (on a notamment quelques données clés sur le nombre de téléchargement, le business que chaque canal pèse,...)
On trouve un passage sur le rapport Olivennes.
‘REVOLUTION, INNOVATION, RESPONSIBILITY’ “2007 was the year ISP responsibility started to become an accepted principle. 2008 must be the year it becomes reality”
Governments are starting to accept that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should take a far bigger role in protecting music on the internet, but urgent action is needed to translate this into reality, a new report from the international music industry says today.
Record companies continued their transition into a digital business in 2007. Music sales via online and mobile channels have risen from zero to an estimated US$2.9 billion – 15 per cent of industry sales - over the last five years, making music more digitally advanced than any entertainment sector except games.

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